The Green Cornucopian Project is based on the premise that we can create a future in which most humanitarian and ecological problems are solved, all people are liberated from deep poverty, and have access to the resources that allow them to live longer, healthier lives with greater opportunity. 

We can create this future world through creating regenerative, renewable and resilient systems which support all forms of life and yield the food, energy, medicine, building materials and other resources upon which our modern civilization runs.

There are limits to overexploitation of resources, air and water pollution, and social inequality and injustice beyond which civilization will collapse. The current model of intensive resource extraction, deep social stratification and fossil-fuel dominance lead down a dark road to a world of chaos and strife. 

Expanding economic and population growth will only be possible in the long term if we transition to a deeply green, far more equitable and mostly renewable paradigm. 

Humanity has proven its ability to overcome and solve seemingly insurmountable problems time and time again, with ingenuity, collaboration and technological leverage. These are not infallible forces, if applied in misguided ways towards furthering resource extraction, pollution and vast inequality. 

We must direct our innovation, technology, material progress and economic growth towards a future that supports life and well-being for all, through clean energy, green cities, resilient infrastructure, sustainable agriculture, restorative justice, drinkable water and breathable air. 

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