Nexus Proposals

The Green Cornucopian Project is partly about indexing and understanding the spectrum of solutions around the world that are working today, and partly about imagining how these solutions could be combined in synergistic ways in the future, which I’ve termed Nexus Proposals.

A Nexus is defined as “a connection or series of connections linking two or more things”, “a connected group or series” and “the central and most important point or place”. 

As used here, the Nexuses proposed by the Green Cornucopian Project are concepts that draw on and integrate a number of best practices and technologies in such a way as to solve multiple problems, provide a multitude of benefits and join together a diverse set of stakeholders in uniform and mutually beneficial action. 

Each Nexus is based around a central theme that links vital human needs and well-being with the care, protection and restoration of natural ecologies, and is designed to realize all of the following four goals:

(1) to harness and use resources in a renewable rather than depleting way;

(2) to protect and make civilization more resilient to systemic shocks and deadly extremes;

(3) to create benefits accessible to all people, aid social equality and help to lift people from poverty where possible;

(4) to regenerate natural systems and natural capital such as fish, forests, watersheds, grasslands, soil fertility, air and water quality, atmospheric carbon and ocean acidity.

In summary, each Nexus is a strategic vision for a new variety of infrastructure cluster, designed to take on some of our most chronic, deep-seated and long-term problems. By joining together various elements, wherein each supports and reinforces the other, each Nexus is a dynamic system organized around solving a specific set of problems, whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 


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